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Our theme at Harvest for 2019 is “Bringing the Gospel Home.”

What does that mean exactly? It means focusing our attention here in our own backyard—on our congregation and our community. Here are some ways we plan to do that.

Helping you become an integral part of Harvest as your church home.

We want to help you make a large church small. We encourage you to engage in a Harvest Small Group. These include Virtue for women, Valor for men, and V2 for couples. But they also include groups that meet in homes, coffee shops, and offices, that get together to discuss what was taught on Sunday mornings, with no additional Bible study or homework. Everyone should be part of a small group so that they can grow deeper in fellowship and faith.

Our church did not start large. In the early days, everyone knew each other’s names and relationships were closer and more personal. As we have continued to grow over time, many people here have never known a worship experience like that. They come and go each Sunday without making a personal connection. Your worship experience at church can be so much more than that! Deeper and richer.

The church is a family. When you get together as a family, you spend time hanging out, catching up, and investing in relationships! Being at church should be interactive, where we fellowship, encourage, pray, and share.

  • Small groups are a place to build deep and lasting friendships.
  • Small groups support us in times of trial.
  • Small groups lead us to service opportunities.
  • Small groups help us to discover, cultivate, and use our spiritual gifts.

Make it a priority to engage with your church family, pray together, share burdens, make friends, and “do life” with each other.

Helping you get involved in serving.

Serving transforms your church experience, as well as your life, and it’s also a mark of spiritual maturity. Jesus said that He did not come to be served, but to serve.

It’s not all about you! It’s about Jesus and others. There are so many opportunities to put your time and talent to work by blessing others. Let us help you find them.

Providing opportunities to reach our own backyard with the gospel.

We plan to engage our area by doing more community projects for those in need. That would include financial help with rent, utilities, food boxes, gas cards, food cards, Christmas boxes, and much more. We want to be a presence in local jails, juvenile halls, prisons, homeless shelters, and convalescent homes.

And we also plan to have local evangelistic outreaches to engage our community with the gospel. This includes door to door evangelism, and “pop-up crusades,” going into neighborhood communities to hold outreaches. It’s going to be exciting!

Together, lets “bring the gospel home” in 2019!

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