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Harvest Stories

Strong Community picture of celeste
Meet Celeste! Attending Harvest since 1990 with her entire family, they quickly started serving in the church. But after some time, Celeste began to search for community elsewhere. Outside of the church, she had friends, she was well liked, and had her own platform—only to find it was the emptiest time of her life. But her church family was praying her, loving her, caring about her wellbeing. Hear her story of restoration, reconnecting, and plugging back in to her Harvest family.

Are you doing your part to make Harvest your home? Jeffery and Kayla Butler want to encourage you to not just attend, but to take that next step and plug in like they did. It was when they got involved that God blessed them abundantly. Harvest became a community—a family to them. They love their church and when you plug in, you will too!

For Noelle, being a part of a small group helped her develop good Christian friendships and helped her grow and establish more roots in the church. It’s a place where she receives insight and where they all help build each other up.

After years of putting on the “good Christian girl” act, followed by a time of outright rebellion, Damara accepted the Lord into her life and made Harvest her home. The faithful teaching and sense of community at Harvest are just what she needs.

As soon as he heard Pastor Greg preach the gospel, Larry knew that Harvest needed to be his home church. Friendships made in his men’s group helped him to share his faith in the hospital while recovering from a stroke.

Barb came to Harvest broken and searching for a relationship with the Lord. She found a loving congregation that she had always been looking for.

"Have you ever felt called but unable? Have you ever had a burden so deep on your heart to move..."

"It’s easy in a church as large as Harvest to go in and out unnoticed, to get lost, to remain invisible. Getting involved in serving the Lord together is God’s way of connecting us, the body of Christ, to one another. Through service, the Lord grabbed hold of a woman prone to wander."

Cherry Limjoco
"There are times in life when you face something and the pain is so severe it’s hard to speak about it...”

Micah and Tiffany
"It is a rewarding thing to see your kids grow up and have their own faith. . . .

The Defoe Family