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Deuteronomy 6-7

Deuteronomy opens with Moses calling the people together on the plains of Moab near theJordan River. By our calendar, it is mid-January, just before the spring rains come to bathe the soil and swell the riverbanks of the Jordan. Moses and the multitude are in the last stages of their journey together. In a matter of weeks, Israel will cross the Jordan River in a miraculous way reminiscent of the Red Sea. But Moses will not be with them.We have traced Moses’ life through the pages of Exodus and Numbers; now we’re stepping into the final days of this faithful servant’s life. The book of Deuteronomy is a series of sermons Moses gave to prepare the people for life in the promised land. What would you say to loved ones if you knew you were saying goodbye? In this three-part series, Choose Life, we focus on God’s faithfulness and what is most important in life.