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Numbers 11-12

Exodus ends with the glory of the Lord filling the newly completed tabernacle. The pillar of cloud and fire was a visible reminder that God was with them, day and night. When it hovered over the tabernacle, the Israelites knew to stay put. When it moved, they would break camp and set out. Sometimes the cloud lingered for many days, or it might only be one day. Day or night, whenever the cloud lifted, they knew it was time to move. In the book of Numbers, Moses and the Israelites leave Mt. Sinai and begin their journey to the land that God promised them—a trip that might have taken less than two weeks, had they been obedient. Their attitude through the wilderness would make all the difference. Centered, or self-centered? Despite all that God was doing, they grouse and complain. Like crabs in a bucket, they kept pulling each other down. Fear. Rebellion. Anger. Regrets. This three-part series, The Crab Bucket List, confronts sins that trip us up and attitudes that get in our way.