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Acts 8 - 9

The primary objective of Revelation is not to reveal the Antichrist, but Jesus Christ.

  • What comes to mind when you think of the Book of Revelation?
  • What was your initial internal response when you heard we were going to begin a study of Revelation?
  • What is one thing you learned in Pastor Greg’s teaching on Revelation 1?

When we think of the Book of Revelation, many of us think of terrible prophecies to come. However, the center of Revelation is Jesus Christ (Rev. 19:10). In fact, there is no better book to help us understand these difficult days than the Book of Revelation. It brings sense to our suffering. But for that to happen, we must read it, hear it, and apply its truths to our lives. God wants us to learn about the future so that we’ll be motivated to live right in the present.