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Acts 8 - 9

God has the power to radically change us and the course of our lives.

How do you typically react to change? Do you thrive on change, or does it make you nervous? What does this say about your personality?

What is the biggest life change you’ve experienced recently? What do you remember most about that experience? How did you handle the change?

Change is inevitable. In our jobs, families, relationships, church, and country, change swirls all around us. For many people, change is far from welcome. The way that we respond to change shapes our lives going forward. Today we will see that Paul experienced dramatic life changes as his story went from being one of the most feared enemies of Christianity to one of its most prolific voices.

Acts 8

God wants you to share the good news of Christ, regardless of time, place, or convenience.

Do you think it would be harder to share the gospel with someone in the church parking lot or while waiting for your drink at a coffee shop? Why?

Where were you when someone shared the gospel with you?

Through the story of Philip and the Ethiopian man, we learn that chances to share Christ are not reserved for church campuses and Bible studies. In a lost world desperately seeking hope, the chance to share your story and your hope can come anywhere, any day.

Acts 6-8

God calls us to maintain an eternal perspective on life so that we might boldly share our faith regardless of the consequences.

How are you different now than you were before coming to faith in Christ? Do other people view you differently now? How so?

Do you have difficulty being bold? Why? How do we balance boldness with humility?

Have any of your circumstances—job, family, friendships, etc.—changed recently? If so, what new opportunities might exist for you to spread the gospel?