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Why the Resurrection Matters

April 29 2023 | Harvest

Just a couple of weeks ago, we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday. The resurrection is the single-most important event in all of history. It is the cornerstone of our faith, upon which all our beliefs and hopes rest. Yet, despite its importance, many people struggle to understand why the resurrection matters and how it applies to their lives. Let’s explore the reasons why the resurrection is so significant and what it means for us as followers of Christ.

First, the resurrection is a testament to the truth of Jesus’ claims. Throughout His ministry on earth, Jesus claimed to be the Son of God and the Savior of the world. He taught that He was the only way to God and that He had come to bring eternal life to those who believe in Him. The resurrection provides proof of these claims, as it demonstrates that Jesus truly was who He said He was and that His teachings were grounded in reality.

Second, the resurrection is a demonstration of God’s power and love. The resurrection is a physical demonstration that God has the power to conquer death and bring back to life those who have died. It also shows the depth of God’s love, as it demonstrates that He was willing to sacrifice His own Son in order to save us from our sins and bring us into a right relationship with Him.

Third, the resurrection is a source of hope and encouragement. The resurrection offers us a glimpse into the future and shows us that one day, we, too will rise from the dead. This hope gives us strength and encouragement to face the challenges of life, knowing that our ultimate victory has already been secured through the resurrection of Jesus.

Fourth, the resurrection is a call to action. The resurrection is not just a historical event but a call to follow Jesus and live a life that is transformed by His resurrection power. As followers of Christ, we are called to live lives that are characterized by love, compassion, and self-sacrifice, just as Jesus lived. We are called to be witnesses of the resurrection, sharing the Good News of salvation with others and living in a way that reflects His example.

Finally, the resurrection is a reminder of the promise of Heaven. The resurrection reminds us that we are not simply creatures of this world but that we were created for a purpose and that we have a future beyond this life. This future is one of eternal life with God, and it is a future that has been secured for us through the sacrifice of Jesus.

Whether you are a long-time follower of Christ or just beginning to explore His life and teachings, the resurrection is a message of hope and a call to follow Jesus to experience the transformative power that can bring dead people back to life.

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