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Seven Things That Look Different from God’s Perspective

January 3, 2024 | Harvest

It’s a New Year! One of the best resolutions we can make is to adjust our perspective and look at life through God’s eyes. Here are seven things that God looks at differently than we do.

  1. Time

From our earthly standpoint, time appears as an unstoppable and unyielding force that is always against us. However, from God’s perspective, what may appear to us as a delay or inaction is an orchestrated component of His plan. For Him, every moment holds purpose and significance.

Question: How can adopting God’s perspective of time influence your approach to patience and times of waiting in your life?


  1. Challenges

Our trials and hardships so often appear insurmountable, but in God’s eyes, they represent opportunities for growth and refinement. What we perceive as adversity, He views as a refining process, molding us to be more like Jesus.

Question: Are you willing to shift your perspective of life’s difficulties to see them as opportunities, rather than obstacles?


  1. Success and Failure

Our society defines success and failure by achievements, possessions, and money. But in God’s book, success looks more like a humble heart, a servant’s attitude, and a willingness to obey—while failure always manifests itself through pride.

Question: How can humility play a more prominent role in your life in the new year?


  1. Relationships

We often view our human relationships as obligatory, disposable, or unfixable. From God’s perspective, relationships are opportunities to express and experience the love, joy, and fulfillment that find their ultimate source in Him. In God’s eyes, there’s always room for hope, reconciliation, and redemption when it comes to connecting with other people.

Question: How have you been looking at the relationships you have with those around you?


  1. Material Wealth

The pursuit of material wealth is one of the foremost goals in our culture, but God perceives the motivations behind our pursuits. True wealth, in His eyes, is found in the richness of a heart connected to Him rather than the accumulation of worldly possessions.

Question: In what ways can you shift your focus from the pursuit of material wealth to cultivating a rich connection with God?


  1. Suffering

We all experience pain in life, causing us to wonder if God is really there and if He really cares. But from God’s point of view, suffering is an invitation for us to draw nearer to Him. It’s in our moments of weakness that His strength becomes most evident.

Question: Are there times of pain in your life that you can look back on and see how God used them for good?


  1. Purpose

Figuring out our purpose in life can feel like a lifelong journey, but God sees the end from the beginning. From His perspective, our purpose is intricately woven into the beautiful story He is unfolding.

Question: Are you seeking God’s guidance to align your life’s purpose with His bigger story?


As we kick off the New Year, let’s try on God’s perspective like a pair of new glasses! It might give us a deeper understanding of His heart, His plan, and His purpose for us. When things feel upside down, stepping back to view our circumstances from His point of view can help us regain our bearings and move forward in victory.

May we see life through God’s eyes each and every day!

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