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Ricky Jackson

I was raised in rural Texas towns, the son of a Baptist minister. Music was always a language that helped me to understand and communicate with God. My parents adored Jesus, music, and people, and I did too. However, if my childhood felt like a dream from a Disney movie (it really did), my teenage years were more similar to a drama filled with life’s hardships and traumas.

I spent most of my young adult life chasing anything and everything to numb the pain and disappointment I felt. Lonely, addicted, and broken, I surrendered and returned to “my father’s God,” only to find that He was my God too… the God of all. What once felt like stale religiosity quickly grew into a very personal relationship with Jesus, which has only intensified in intimacy over the years. He has never ceased to amaze me with His goodness, forgiveness, example, and beauty. He is my highest passion.

I am gratefully serving and leading worship at Harvest OC and Harvest Riverside (including Sunday Nights), and write and produce songs for worship and recording artists around the world (including many artists from Jesus Culture, Bethel, and major record labels).

Born in: 1979
Birthplace: Dallas, Texas
Instrument of choice: Bass guitar
Previous work: Horse trainer and firework-stand operator
Favorite Verse: All of it, duh 🙂
Married to: April
Married Since: 2018
Location: OC and Riverside campuses

Role: Worship Leader

Locations: Orange County, Riverside