High School

Offers Bible study, fellowship, and fun to high school youth.

Our mission at Harvest High School Ministry is to connect you to God and your family in Christ. You matter to God and you matter to us. When you come in our doors you will feel welcomed, wanted, loved, and led. Our goal is for students to live out their Christian walk in a world that is hostile towards our Christian worldview.

We believe the more God we pour into you, the more He’ll spill out all areas of your life including home, school, and all extracurricular activities. Every week we teach through God’s Word and tackle the relevant issues of our day. We believe that God has charged the local church to equip you to live a life of ministry and to help you draw closer to Him.

We also love fun and community, so every week we engage in community groups, games, and plan monthly activities where we go all out for you. We love you and you matter here!

Ministry Information

Overseeing Pastor
Jason Powell, Adam Eaton

Ministry Coordinator
Elijah Braggs



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We are looking forward to meeting you!

If you are new to Harvest, be sure to stop by one of our Connect Tables when you visit to receive a free gift and a warm welcome. We'll be happy to answer any questions and help get you oriented.

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