Israel Tour

Join This Unforgettable Christian Tour to Israel with Pastor Greg Laurie

Hello friends,

Cathe and I have had the privilege of visiting and traveling to Israel many times, and we can promise you that it’s the experience of a lifetime. After a spiritual trip like this, you will never read the Bible in exactly the same way. There’s nothing like seeing the Sea of Galilee and Jerusalem firsthand! When you visit the places where Jesus walked, chose His disciples, taught and spoke, healed people, performed miracles, and ultimately where He suffered and died, it enhances your entire biblical view and personal Christian perspective.

With so much planned—Bible studies, worship sessions, fellowship, and plenty of things to see and experience—I know this trip will be a source of inspiration and spiritual growth. We hope you will invest in your spiritual walk and join us as we tour the land of Jesus.

Pastor Greg Laurie

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