Girl Talk Summer Series

Online |

July 9, 16, and 23, 2020

Cathe Laurie and Virtue Women invite you to watch the Girl Talk: Summer Series online! There will be new content every week on Harvest at Home. The Girl Talk: Summer Series is airing every Thursday at 5:00 PM and again at 7:00 PM. In addition to the usual faces you see every week, there will also be new guest speakers joining in the conversation.

  • On July 9, our guest speaker is Kate Merrick, who is a Christian speaker and author, and a co-founder of the Reality family of churches with her husband, Britt. Kate’s message to you is, “Come explore presence with me, discover what it means to unearth it, practice it, and walk in courage in all seasons. And my message title is ‘When God lets you down.’ Total clickbait, I know. But I want to talk about dealing with disappointment and where God is in it all. I’ll talk about losing Daisy and how I found comfort in biblical women and men who didn’t get their prayers answered how they would have liked.”
  • On July 16, Hollywood celebrity, Madeline Carroll is joining us. Her message is, “I don’t believe you have to compromise who you are as a person in order to do what God has called you to do.”
  • On July 23, we welcome guest speaker, Shaunti Feldhahn. Shaunti will reveal what every woman—single or married—needs to know based on her rigorous research with thousands of men. Come and discover what’s going on in a man’s mind!

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