Harvest Security Officer - Part-time

Riverside Campus

Harvest’s Security Department is hiring for Part-time Security Officer.

We are looking for a highly motivated and experienced private security professional who also possesses a solid relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord. This individual must possess excellent communication skills a strong work ethic, a humble spirit and a heart to serve our church. A proficiency in weapons manipulation of small arms and non-lethal tactics is required. Military and law enforcement background is highly encouraged but not necessary. Our officers approach the mission of protecting our church and school in a way that puts the gospel first and this new participant will need to contribute to that mission much more like a calling then a job.



  • The position is armed
  • Starts at $15 per hour
  • Part-time 28hr maximum


  • Must have a “BSIS California Guard Card
  • Must have Exposed Weapons Permit current and active

Security Enforcement Officer responsibilities  

  • Analyzing and assessing security risks, threats, and vulnerabilities to protect individuals and property associated with Harvest Christian Fellowship and its congregants.
  • Patrol premises to prevent and detect the presence of intrusion and ensure physical security of the campus.
  • Patrol and monitor premises to protect personnel and physical/intellectual property from loss, physical threats, assault, harassment, kidnapping and/or stalking.
  • Conduct screening of individuals and vehicles to prevent passage of prohibited items to minimize threats and disturbances.
  • Perform crowd management during major events.
  • Control entry and exit to and from secured areas, screen authorization identification and authorized equipment.
  • Enforce campus policies, and evict or apprehend violators using force only within guidelines and as necessary; and ensure the proper transfer of custody to the authorities in such instances.
  • Provide personal protection to designated VIP’s and their families to include physical escort
  • Write reports of daily activities and annotate all irregularities such as equipment or property damage, theft, presence of unauthorized persons, and/or unusual occurrences.
  • Confer with management to assist in developing, planning and implementing individual and corporate security policies and procedures.

Please follow the link to apply for this position.

Employment Application

HR Department
(951) 687-6902 ext. 227
8:00 AM–5:00 PM PST